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Insert Bookmarks

To insert bookmarks in a pdf file first you have to create a simple text file which will represent the structure of your bookmarks using your favorite plain text editor, each line of text is a bookmark item written in the form:

Chapter 1. The Beginning/23
        Para 1.1 Child of The Beginning/25,FitWidth,96
                Para 1.1.1 Child of Child of The Beginning/26,FitHeight,43
Chapter 2. The Continue/30,TopLeft,120,42
        Para 2.1 Child of The Beginning/32,FitPage

where the part on the left of the '/' character is the title of the bookmark and the part on the right is the target page of the bookmark. The page number is optionally followed by comma separated values, the first parameter is the fit type used for the bookmarks. If this type is TopLeft then other two parameters are necessary, the top and left offsets in thousandths of the page height and width (zoom factor will be inherited), if the type is FitWidth only the top offset is necessary while if the fit type is FitHeight only the left offset must be specified. The type FitPage doesn't need any other parameter. If no parameter follows the page number then FitWidth is assumed with no offset. Text indentation represents the hierarchy of the outlines and must be obtained with "tab characters" (spaces will not work). Once you have the file, save it to the same folder where you have the pdf file it refers to with a name like bookmarks.txt, then assuming that the original pdf name is input.pdf and that we want to save modified pdf as output.pdf, launch the command:

jpdfbookmarks --apply input.pdf bookmarks.txt output.pdf

If output.pdf already exists or if you indicate input.pdf as output file, the program will print a warning and ask for confirmation before overwriting, i suggest that you never overwrite existing files to avoid data loss.

Starting from version 1.2.3, you can apply the bookmarks from a text file using the graphical user interface,  from the Tools menu select the "Load Bookmarks" command and choose the text file that contains the bookmarks structures.

Warning: all the existing bookmarks in the original pdf will be lost with this command!

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